Casper mattress reviews – the ultimate guide

You all want to have a part of the online mattress market. Muun writes, for example, in its press materials, that the market volume in Germany was at one billion euros. Currently, only 10 percent of the products would be sold online, by 2020 it will be 17.5 percent. The advantage for the dealer: The margins for mattresses are high, relatively low returns.  That’s why I’ve put together this Casper mattress review.

The offers of the companies differ but hardly for the customers. Casper, tuft & needle, Leesa, Eve or Muun send their mattresses free of charge and offer a free return shipping. Customers must test the mattresses of 100 days. At the Berlin-based company of Bruno’s are what should be sufficient but also just 30 days.

In the United States, England or Germany, who dominated at the end against established offline retailers, will decide on the price, marketing and customer service, for example, at the time of delivery. In terms of capitalisation, Casper is currently anyway far ahead

To find a good mattress is nowadays not so easy, because the selection is huge. There’s glad finally to have found a provider who offers a unit mattress like the Casper mattress, which should meet all the requirements.  Find out more about the Casper mattress company here.

The Casper mattress

The Casper mattress is the invention of a young start-up company from the United States. The former NASA developers designed a mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard and suitable for all people according to his own statements. In addition to high-quality materials, the concept of the Casper mattress convinced due to the waiver of expensive showrooms and any intermediary.

My Casper mattress review

The construction of the Casper mattress

The mattress itself consists of four layers of foam, which are perfectly matched. So a very good pressure relief is achieved, allowing the Casper mattress perfectly nestled in the body.


Suitable for side, as well as for the back and stomach sleeper

Suitable for different weight classes

You do not necessarily need a slatted frame for the Casper mattress, that supports sufficiently – suitable for box-spring beds!

Use is Casper with a slatted frame just to note: the bars should not more than 7.6 cm apart.


The secret of Casper mattress lies in their structure. By using different foams of the body is not only supported, but is at the same time very soft, what is really pleasant.

Layer – support foam


A supportive and more solid foam, which strengthens the subsequent layers and at the same time for a long shelf life forms the first layer.

Layer – the transition


A transition layer of latex foam follows the support foam. It helps distribute the weight of the sleeping well and thus offers the necessary comfort when sleeping. Point elasticity supports at the same time, helping that body regions not completely sink.

Layer – poet memory foam


The top layer consists of a special foam Visco material. This foam reacts to heat and adapts optimally every body contour. Shoulders and pelvis, for example, can sink as well, at the same time, the waist is supported but good. One moves the foam adapts quite rapidly again.

Top layer


The developers of the Casper mattress have brought up on the three layers of foam, a porous layer of latex foam. The hypo-allergenic LaTeX is not only ideal for allergy sufferers, it also helps to keep the body cool. Even people who sweat fast sleep should sleep well here according to the Casper mattresses test.

The cover of the mattress


The Casper mattress features a two-tone upholstery. The underside is kept in a dirt-resistant grey and is ideal also for almost all beds and bed materials. The top, however, is brightly decorated. Overall, the cover of Casper mattress consists of polyester and polypropylene, where the materials come not only from the United States, but also from Belgium.


Due to the special composition, the cover is equipped with a zipper and elastic and breathable. You can remove the cover if necessary and easily wash.

As mentioned, the Casper mattress provides a good support as well as a comfortable sleeping surface. Thus, the mattress for basically everyone is ideal. Also I could convince me at our Casper mattresses test.

Casper mattress hardness of 6 out of 10

The lower layers support sufficiently, the soft surface, however, can be as on clouds hover one.

The memory foam, there are also no annoying lying Hollows, as this is the case, for example, with traditional spring mattresses.


Suitable for every type of sleeper

Due to their special properties, the Casper mattress is generally suitable for every type of sleeper.

For back sleepers the material adapts perfectly to the body, so that the pool can sink a well. This also applies to side. For them, it is important that shoulders and pelvis in the Casper mattress can sink. Only in this way is reached, that the spine forms a straight line and can be relieved.

For stomach sleepers, on the other hand, the body as a whole is supported. A hollow back, as this can often occur at other mattress types can be excluded here. As the Casper mattress test shows, back pain so hopefully belong to the past.

Available sizes

Casper mattresses are available in different sizes. They are ideally suited for single as well as double beds. The mattress is greater, the harder it becomes of course, taking online orders, this is not quite so much in the weight. Finally, the Casper mattress comes Yes and can be returned free of charge.

Name size weight in kg

Twin 99 x 190 x 25.4 19.9 kg

Double XL 99 x 203 x 25.4 20.8 kg

King 193 x 203 x 25.4 41.3

Regardless of which size is chosen, is delivered in a standard box. It has the dimensions of 51 x 54 x 105 cm and is thus quite handy to call.

Service at Casper mattresses

Who wants to also try a Casper mattress and Casper mattress test, can order them easily online. There is a free shipping, so that no extra fees must be calculated.


Because the manufacturers are so sure to bring a high-quality product at the start, there’s a 100-day guarantee. Who’s not convinced after 100 nights, can simply return the mattress and get back the money paid. Those who choose to keep the mattress, receives a guarantee over 10 years!

In the wake of the Casper mattress test, I can say that this really is a high quality product. At first I was uncertain whether such a mattress without Pro out really meets my requirements. But I can say, it fits perfectly, and I can finally sleep through without back pain. Perfect for all those who were always looking for a perfect sleep surface and haven’t found anything yet.


Have you heard mattresses of the “Casper” totally trendy in New York? The startup for high-quality mattress is a bed specialists specialising in the express delivery of high-quality foam mattresses.


Special feature: Casper delivers free within its mattresses from New York in just 60 minutes. The mattresses come wrapped in a cardboard box with the bike Messenger. The startup has announced soon also in Germany represented to be good news for German customers, because much like already the copy cats in Germany with the beautiful name of “Emma”, “Bruno” or “Eve mattress” also home24 has discovered for a long time with the Smood mattress, the interesting market for high-quality mattresses for themselves.


The US startup made headlines after celebrities like the front singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, or even Hollywood star Leonardo di Caprio and invested over $55 million in the company.


The greatest benefits?


  • Mattresses can be tested up to 100 days for free
  • Fast delivery and space-saving packaging
  • Purchase direct from the manufacturer
  • Cheaper than going to a store


As long the successful companies from the United States to wait lets you back can as long as the Smood buy mattress we offer, also with 100 days trial period and money option if not satisfied. Also the Casper mattresses are available directly at the start in Germany with us.

High-quality mattresses from Emma, Capsper, Muun, tuft & needle, Smood, Bruno or Eve mattresses

In Germany there are some mattress dealers already that exactly how the U.S. model Casper work. The mattress market in Germany is highly interesting for German and international enterprise.


It is important when purchasing a mattress from foam to customize the optimum depth of the sink and suspension on its own type of sleep. Everyone prefers a mattress comfort properties differently. Also in relation to body weight and sleeping position.


The modern mattress from Caspar or Smood are compatible with all common types of slatted frames. In the box-spring bed as a box Spring mattress which can be used also for the use, even on the ground, you can use the mattress without base to sleep and sleep here very well.


The mattresses are manufactured precise memory foam usually made of Visco foam. This is a special foam which can be easily sink the body and then the sleeping position or that ideally adapts to the body contours. The high quality visco foam responds to body heat and thus provides the perfect support for the sleeping position. This creates an ideal pressure relief on specific parts of the body and ensures a pleasant feeling of bed when sleeping.


About the viscose foam of mattresses of the Casper is a pad made of high-quality LaTeX foam. The edition of latex is about 3.8 cm high and promotes a high-quality sleep feeling. A good alternative is also the Geltopper of the system, should you already have a mattress and want only complement them.


Conclusion of the Casper mattress review

Additional features include a high point elasticity and high breathability of this type of mattress. The core of the mattress and upholstery is protected by a dirt-resistant upholstery in two colors. The breathable cover made of polyester and polypropylene is very elastic and easy to clean. Due to the zip, this cuts ideal for washing remove and tighten up. The mattress will be delivered rolled in a small shipping box and is available in the common mattress sizes and degrees of hardness.

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